About Stacktraceguru

Hello there to all the readers and the programmers, welcome to StacktraceGuru! 

I am Rupesh Agrawal. I am an enthusiastic programmer just like you. I am the founder, designer and the editor of this blog.

I work as a senior software engineer in Vienna, Austria. 

About StacktraceGuru

Stacktraceguru is an educational blog. Here I try to write about programming languages, database concepts, programming practices, programming platforms etc. I started writing this blog so that I can share my knowledge and things that I learn in my day to day programming with all the other programmers out there.

Many times it so happens that we read a lot of stuff about a technical concept, but the heavy technical language becomes difficult to grasp. This made me think what if I was able to translate it into more simpler language with easy day to day examples? This would make understanding of those concepts very easy. 

Hence, I came up with this blog. It gives me immense pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction when you guys read my posts and give me a feedback saying how this blog helped you or give your suggestions. Also it motivates me to learn more stuff so that I can provide with correct information to the readers. 

Why the name StacktraceGuru? 

As programmers, stacktrace is an inevitable part of our coding practice. The stack trace helps us understand the cause of the exception or the error in our code. It helps us to go to the roots of the problem and helps us solve it.

This blog has the same goal. To go to the bottom or the roots of a concept. Thus guiding and helping each one of our readers and programmers to understand and apply it in our day to day practices. Hence the name StacktraceGuru!! 

Contact us

You can write to me at stacktraceguru@gmail.com I will make it a point to attend to your queries and suggestions as soon as possible. You can also visit our page on Facebook and also can leave comments in my blog. I am also available on LinkedIn and twitter.

Our Contributors

Rupesh Agrawal

I am a fullstack java developer. Programming and learning new technologies are my hobbies.

Manasi Jahagirdar

Fullstack java developer.

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Want to be contributor? We accept guest blogs

Any software developer or student can write and be a Stactraceguru contributor. We know that some-times it is very difficult to understand even simple concepts. Just because it is explained in very complex way. Sometimes you cannot find the blog with practice examples and details what a developer actually needs. 

If you know some thing or you are good at it and you want others to know about it, then Voilla! we are here to help you!! Even if the topic you want to write has already some blogs present about it, don't worry! If you can make it simple and easy for other programmers that can help.

Just write what you know in detail with examples and give us. We will be very happy to publish it with your name. While writing just focus on the writing and forget the grammar and formatting. We will do that for you so that you can focus on content than formatting.

We recommend you to please go through our blog submission guide lines and topic ideas. 

Topic ideas for guest post

  • Any software programming language like Angular, PHP, Python, Javascript, JSP, JAVA, etc 
  • Generic topics like best practices, Design pattern, Machine learning, Comparisons of two topics or technologies, ets
  • Database or networking concepts like Oracle, SQL, NoSQL, Bigdata, etc 
  • How to or steps to implement something like how to configure spring and hibernate, Steps to create new angular project,etc
  • Solution to common problems like best way to copy array, file upload in ajax call etc
  • You can submit any other trending or important technical point also

Topic submission guidelines

  • If topic is already exist on our website your post should cover more features or updated content 
  • Content should be explained in detail
  • Proper examples or images should be used for better understanding 
  • If you include image it should be your own or you can request us to create image. Copy paste from internet is not allowed due to copyright issues
  • Content should not be copy pasted from some other source
  • Content submitted to us should not be published on other sites
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Happy writing and reading...